Chuck Vans Radio Show (22 April)

April 23, 2018
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Here you will have the archive of the April 22 show. Playlist below:

-Pantera "Revolution is my Name"
-Black Flag ft. Keith Morris "Nervous Breakdown"
-Destroy Orbison "Somethings Never Change"
-Nothing Lost "Still Singing"
-Blackbird Sing "Heart Strings"
-Knockin Chucks "Bad 4 UR Brain"
-Primitive Race "Soul Pretender"
-His Eyes Have Fangs "Crush"
-The Blankz "White Baby"
-The Unseen "Paint It Black"
-The Smiths "Panic"
-Psychadelic Furs "Pretty in Pink"
-Rollins Band "Monster"
-Agnostic Front "For My Family"
-Terror "Return To Strength"


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