Suicide Squeeze Records


APRIL 2018

Suicide Squeeze Records was started in Seattle, Washington back in the mid-1990s by David Dickinson. Over the years, the label has stayed true to it's roots, while focusing on releasing vinyl, including many 7" singles. The label chooses to focus on only a handful of releases every year to give those bands the proper attention needed with the release.

Some of the past and current roster include The Coathangers, David Bazan, The Black Lips, L.A. Witch, Guantanomo Baywatch, Ty Segall, Minus The Bear, Michael Nau, Childbirth and many others.

Listen all month to win an awesome Suicide Squeeze tote crammed with vinyl, CDs, shirt, stickers and more!

The next release on the horizon is a live album by The Coathangers, which you can pre-order now from the link right HERE


Check out a few of the label's artists videos:


L.A. Witch "Drive Your Car"

from the LP L.A. Witch


Guantanamo Baywatch "Mesa"

from the LP Desert Center

The Coathangers "Captain's Dead"

from the EP Parasite


For more info on these bands and all the others, visit Suicide Squeeze store to purchase vinyl, tapes, CDs, apparel, and more!


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