Inifinity Cat


MAY 2018

On the night of July 20, 2002, Infinity Cat Recordings sprung to life by selling 11 copies of an album that hadn’t even been made. Sure, their inaugural release had just been taped — live, for an audience of a few dozen at the long-since defunct Guido’s Pizzeria. But the crude recording, made with a DAT machine taped to a back wall, hadn’t been mixed, burned onto CDs or slipped into the photocopied sleeves that the band members would later hand-splatter with paint.

Some of the past and current roster include Daddy Issues, Diarrhea Planet, JEFF the Brotherhood, Music Band, Nectar, JAWWS, Ed Schraeder's Music Beat, White Reaper, Honey Joy, Peach Kelli Pop and many others. 

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The next release on the horizon is debut from Reality Something, the newest member of the Inifity Cat team, which you can pre-order now from the link right HERE


Check out a few of the label's artists videos:


Daddy Issues "High St"

from the LP Deep Dream


JEFF The Brotherhood 'Melting Place'

from the LP Wasting on the Dream


Music Band "Day Stealer"

from the LP Wake Up Laughing


For more info on these bands and all the others, visit Infinty Cat store to purchase vinyl, tapes, CDs, apparel, and more!



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