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Hello Seahorse! is a Mexican alternative pop band formed in 2005 in Mexico City. The band gained quick recognition as one of the leading acts in Mexican rock pop, placing their first commercial single "Bestia" on regular radio airplay by November 2008. Early releases such as the EP Hoy a las Ocho featured lyrics in both English and Spanish, though latest tracks are solely in the latter; these however deal about nonsense or surrealistic themes. The band's second album Bestia was released on May 19, 2009. The track "Bestia" from that album won the "song of the year" award at Mexico's 2009 "Indie-O Music Awards" ceremony. At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica, they were nominated for and won the "La Zona" award. Also in 2009, they were nominated for best alternative song at the Latin Grammy Awards, but they lost to Calle 13, and the next year they were nominated in the same category with the song Criminal. Hello Seahorse! has shared stage with bands such as Beastie Boys, Jarvis Cocker, Clinic and The Killers.


Hello Seahorse's current line-up comprises a female vocalist and lyricist, and male keyboardist and drummer with no guitarist. The band used however to be a trio, then a quartet, and a trio again by 2009:

  • Denise Gutiérrez (Lo Blondo), lead vocals, lyrics. Gutierrez was born in Van Nuys, California, but raised in Mexico City. She met keyboardist Oro de Neta and drummer Bonnz via a MySpace ad for a singer.
  • Oro de Neta - (Fernando Burgos, born May 1984) piano, keyboards, bass, Synth
  • Bonnz! - (Gabriel G. De León, previously known as Bonno, born November 1984) drums, guitar
  • Joe - (José Borunda) guitar, bass, piano

Former member

  • Julio Muñoz - Now plays in the emo/math rock band No Somos Marineros (born 1982) guitar


Studio albums
  • ...and the Jellyfish Parade (2007)
  • Hoy a las Ocho. (2007) was released on Magic Marker records two years later in the US.
  • Bestia (2009)
  • Lejos. No Tan Lejos (2010)
  • Arunima (2012)
  • Entretanto -EP- (2016)


...and the Jellyfish Parade.

  • "Squarehead"

Hoy a las Ocho.

  • "Won't Say Anything"


  • "Bestia" ("Beast")
  • "Después" ("After")
  • "Criminal"

Lejos. No Tan Lejos.

  • "Casa Vacía" ("Empty House")
  • "Un Año Quebrado" ("A Broken Year")
  • "Me Has Olvidado" ("You Have Forgotten Me")
  • "Velo De Novia" ("Veil")


  • "Para Mi" ("For Me")
  • "La Flotadera" ("The Floatering")
  • "No Es Que No Te Quiera" ("It's Not That I Don't Love You")
  • "El Artista" ("The Artist")


  • "Animal"
  • "Me He Convertido" ("I've Became")
  • "Nada Extraordinario ft. Gil Cerezo" ("Nothing Extraordinary")
  • "Algún Día (Alicia)" ("Someday (Alicia)")


External links

  • Hello Seahorse! Official Site
  • Hello Seahorse! Official MySpace
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Top Tracks

Bestia 1


Won't Say Anything 2

Won't Say Anything

Universo 2 3

Universo 2

No Es Que No Te Quiera 4

No Es Que No Te Quiera

Criminal 5


Oso Polar 6

Oso Polar

Atardecer en Parapent 7

Atardecer en Parapent

Multicolor 8


Square head 9

Square head

Cassette 10


Top Albums

...And the Jellyfish Parade
...And the Jellyfish Parade


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